My research interests centre on understanding the regulation of the adaptive immune system. Specific long-term interests revolve around how T cells can be exploited to enhance cancer immunotherapy and alleviate dysregulation in autoimmune conditions. Currently I am seeking to develop a team to investigate the mechanisms underpinning hyperinflammation in autoimmune conditions, sepsis and COVID-19. My research focuses largely on members of the tumour-necrosis factor receptor superfamily (TNFRSF), related regulators of inflammation and linked signalling pathways and their function in health and disease.
Ongoing work seeks to explore the role of this family in COVID-19.
To facilitate biomedical research at BU I am Academic lead for the Biobank and a member of the Human Tissue Authority Licencing committee internally, a member of the Wessex Immunology Group, British Society for Immunology and COG-UK externally.
I currently co-supervise a PhD student investigating the genetics of infertility, a condition known to be linked to immune regulation.



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