My current research and focus is to translate findings from empirical or cognitive research to clinical/counselling application. Specifically, focusing on how emotional regulation, cognitive control and trauma may affect our everyday life and resilience. With the aim to use empirical findings to inform rehabilitation strategies in people diagnosed with neurological disorders, and who may have experienced any form of trauma. Wearing my public engagement cap, I am interested in creating more awareness about mental health, emotional and cognitive decline especially in people with brain injury, stroke and other neurological disorders.

In academic research, I use behavioural, neuropsychological approaches in neurological patients and healthy controls. Contributing to various applied projects in areas like trauma, suicide and resilience. I often use methods including diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), fMRI/lesion analysis approaches and electrical stimulation (tDCS/TMS in healthy controls) to understand the brain mechanisms underlying cognition. I am a member of the Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) and Social Cognitive Clinical Affective Neuroscience (SC2AN) Group. I supervise students (BSc., MSc. and PhD) and contribute to various research projects and am engaged in collaborative work with South Asia focusing on Mental Health and Well-being.

On the clinical front, I am currently working towards my accreditation to be a practising counsellor. In this role, I build on skills from my training in academic neuropsychology and incorporate various models but primarily using a Humanistic Integrative Approach with aspects from Neuropsychology and Neuropsychoanalysis.



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