Dr Sophia D. Amenyah is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Bournemouth University. She is a co-lead on the evaluation team of the European Regional Development Fund project, Adding to Social capital and individual Potential In disadvantaged REgions (ASPIRE). Her research focuses on multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to understanding the determinants of healthy ageing throughout the life course. She is committed to co-production, inclusiveness and involving experts-by-experience in all stages of the research cycle ensuring research that translates into impactful policies. She contributes regularly to teaching on Nutrition modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr Amenyah is a Registered Nutritionist (UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists, Association for Nutrition) with a strong background in Public Health Nutrition. She has a PhD in Nutrition and Genomics Medicine (Ulster University, United Kingdom), a MSc in Nutrition & Rural Development - Public Health Nutrition (Ghent University, Belgium) and a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science (University of Ghana, Ghana). She has expertise in epigenetics, realist synthesis & evaluation, systematic reviews & meta-analysis, nutrition assessment and research using quantitative methods. Her key research interests include healthy ageing, global nutrition, public health policies, nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition.

Dr Amenyah is an early-career member of the Ageing & Dementia Research Centre (ADRC), the Research Centre for Seldom Heard Voices and the BUiWell Research Centre at Bournemouth University (BU). She co-organises and facilitates the ADRC Virtual Research Coffee Mornings, where researchers and practitioners engage with members of the public socially to share research. She is passionate about inspiring young scientists and is a registered member of the STEM Ambassador programme in South West England. As part of this, she collaborates with different organisations to deliver STEM activities for schools, the general public and to other initiatives promoting Public Engagement in Science.