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Dr Heaslip is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing Science at Bournemouth University. Her general research interests are in the field of vulnerability and vulnerable groups in society whose voices are not traditionally heard in the academic and professional discourse. In particular, she is interested in marginalised communities who experience inequity of opportunity in accessing health care and education. In 2019 she attended the national Woman of the year lunch which honours the most outstanding women from all over the UK in recognition of her work with diverse and unrepresented groups.

In regards to health, she has undertaken numerous research projects with Gypsy Roma Travellers, offenders and people living with mental health issues. With regards to education Dr Heaslip has led numerous research projects regarding diverse groups; co-leading the BU Fair Access Research project, research with care leavers, fair access students and white working class boys.

Externally, Dr Heaslip has worked on National groups such as; Student Nursing Times Awards, Supporting Professionalism in Admissions National Expert Think Tank, Mary Seacole Awards as well as Department of Health and regional groups on Values Based Recruitment.


Dr Heaslip’s research interests are in the fields of promoting health, well-being and health access in individuals from vulnerable or marginalised communities. She welcomes interest from potential PhD students who are interested in this area of research.

Current and recent research includes;

• Principal Investigator of a research project funded by Burdett Trust (2020 - 2021); this research will co-produce a technological solution to support rough sleepers to self-care by locating and accessing services.

• Working in the COLAB consortium; a research project led by the University of Stavanger and funded by the EU MCA RISE programme. This research aims to improve collaborations between criminal justice and welfare services (2017 - 2021). I am currently leading a systematic review exploring experiences of vulnerability of adult male prisoners.

• Led the qualitative research component on a NIHR funded RCT: Does early mobilisation after ankle fracture enhance recovery? (ART 2015-2019) exploring participants experiences of the control and experimental components in the trial.

• Led the health evaluation in the Human Henge project funded by Heritage Lottery (2016 -18). This research investigated the impact of immersive experiences of prehistoric landscapes on the well-being of participants with mental health issues



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