I am the Programme Leader of MA Media and Communication. My research broadly explores media representations, media audience, and journalism practice surrounding the topic of social justice, such as environmental justice and racial equality. I have published in journals including Journalism, Journalism Studies, International Journal of Communication, Asian Journal of Communication, and Global Media and Communication.


I am currently a co-investigator of the following research projects:

1. Journalistic Role Performance Around the World (with Daniel Jackson, Jamie Matthews, Einar Thorsen, Antje Glück, and Yasser Abuali). We are the UK team for this cross-national, theory-driven endeavour to systematically analyse the state of journalistic cultures in the new media landscape across the world. For more information please refer to https://www.journalisticperformance.org.
2. Journalism students across the globe (with Daniel Jackson and Einar Thorsen). We are the UK representatives for a global comparative study of the professional norms, values, and attitudes of journalism students. For more information please refer to http://www.jstudentsproject.org.