Emily Rosenorn-Lanng is a seasoned and versatile research project manager with over 19 years of experience in the field. She can handle various types of research projects across different domains and sectors. She currently works as a Research Project Manager at Bournemouth University, where she oversees the design, implementation, and evaluation of several research projects that involve quantitative and qualitative methods, data analysis, SPSS and evaluation.

Her passion is game-based learning, which she is pursuing as a part-time PhD candidate at Bournemouth University. She has co-created and evaluated innovative game-based learning tools that have a positive social impact, such as CyGamBIT, a cyber security game-based interactive learning tool that teaches young people how to stay safe online and develop their digital skills, and The Mental Capacity Toolkit, a web-based resource that helps social workers and other professionals to assess and support people’s mental capacity in various situations. She has also obtained multiple certifications and credentials in generative AI, cyber security, and accessibility, which enhance her skills and knowledge in these fields. She is an active member of several professional and academic networks and has published numerous journal articles and reports on various topics in health and social care, local government, tourism and heritage sectors.

She runs and manages all aspects of the nccdsw.com website and manages all online learning tools.