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My research interests are related to coastal benthic ecology, specifically invertebrates.

Currently I am working on eco-engineering coastal infrastructure, specifically the intertidal zone where there is a paucity of refuge for intertidal species on artificial structures. Subsequently, biodiversity is lower than that found on natural rocky shores. As part of the Marineff project, our team at Bournemouth University aims to create eco-engineering solutions for coastal infrastructure that both provide habitat for marine species and can be easily incorporated into existing and planned coastal development in the intertidal zone. I am focusing on the design and deployment of large scale artificial rockpool arrays installed on concrete sea walls, and looking how the spacing between them affects the colonisation of the surrounding sea wall (halo effect). I am also interested in the ecology of steel coastal infrastructure, of which there seems to be a lack of knowledge and data, and how common steel structures (such as sheet piling) influences biological communities.

My undergraduate and Masters research focused on benthic macroinvertebrates in the soft-sediment lagoons of Poole Harbour, including the non-native and protected anemone Nematostella vectensis.