Bronwen Thomas has taught on the Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth since 1996 and helped design BA English and MA English and Literary Media. Bronwen is Head of the Narrative, Culture and Community Research Centre, and was Head of Research and Professional Practice for the School of Journalism, English and Communication from 2014-17. Bronwen's recent publications include a textbook on Narrative (Routledge 2015) based on her experience of teaching on BU, and a co-edited volume of essays on Dialogue Across Media (John Benjamins 2017). Most of her current research interests are based on exploring creativity and storytelling in digital spaces. Her most recent book on Literature and Social Media was published by Routledge in 2020. She has been a Principal Investigator on four UKRI funded projects exploring how digital technologies are transforming reading. The latest project - Digital Reading for Inclusivity, Versatility and Engagement or DRIVE ( - brings together academics, stakeholders and ordinary readers to explore how digital reading technologies can be used to address development challenges in Kenya. Prior to this, the Reading on Screen project ( captured the experiences of readers from across the UK making the transition from print to screen through the creation of a series of digital stories. In 2021 Bronwen received the World Literacy Award for Significant Contribution to Literacy by an Academic. From 2016-18, Bronwen was a member of the EU COST Action on Cyberparks which brings together participants from over 30 EU countries to explore how new technologies may be used to encourage people to go outdoors and to engage with public spaces. Prior to coming to Bournemouth, Bronwen studied and taught at Manchester University and Manchester Met. She has also taught for the Open University, and worked for two years as a desk editor in publishing.


My current research involves exploring the impact of new digital technologies (ereaders, tablet computers etc) on readers and reading. I am also interested in how readers use online spaces and social media to discuss their reading and interact with other readers, and in investigating how we might draw on these activities to better engage our students as readers.
This research involves working closely with a number of leading academics both in the UK and internationally. I also work closely with students, online and offline communities of readers and stakeholders, including reading charities, librarians, teachers and writers.



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