Professor Candida Yates (PhD, MA, BA, FHEA, FRSA) is an interdisciplinary researcher, author, teacher and group practitioner with a background in psychosocial studies and psychoanalysis and their application to politics, culture, and society. She works with scholars, psychoanalytic psychotherapists and creative practitioners to provide new understandings of emotion and affect in the public sphere - creating bridges between therapeutic, cultural and academic fields of research and practice.

Prof Yates is currently leading a transdisciplinary BU project that applies insights from Group Analysis to examine the potential for empathy within face to face and online community group settings in a polarised UK Brexit landscape. She is also writing a book on ‘Political Leadership and the Psycho-Cultural Imagination’ that explores the meanings of different political leaders and their wider cultural and affective significance in the contemporary age.

Prof Yates is Director (with Professor Caroline Bainbridge) of the research network Media and the Inner World (AHRC funded 2009-13) that brings together media practitioners, psychoanalysts and academics to explore the emotional and affective dynamics of media, culture and politics. She is a Director on the Executive Board of the US Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society and Deputy Director and Trustee of the UK Association for Psychosocial Studies and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She has published on a range of psycho-cultural and political subjects in monographs, edited books, journal articles and special editions. She is a Consulting Editor on Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society (Palgrave), The Journal of Psychosocial Studies (Policy) and Joint Editor of the book series Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture (Routledge).

Doctoral Supervision:
Professor Yates supervises PhD and MRES students in the areas of psychosocial studies, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, gender, politics and society.



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