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Prof. Janet Dickinson is based within the Business School, Bournemouth University where her research focuses on transport, mobile technology and collaborative communities. Her funded research has been instrumental in developing the concept of slow travel and, more recently, analysed mobile enabled collaborative communities. She is currently exploring how uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs otherwise known as drones) might be integrated into logistics practices involving case studies of NHS logistics. This work focuses on logistics practices, energy use and stakeholder understandings of drones.


Research is focused on transport and climate change taking a geographical perspective which draws on social practice theory and social representation theory. Work has explored the locative, temporal, social networking and database properties of smart phones, to anticipate opportunities for transport connections and collaboration that are otherwise invisible. This offers opportunities to better utilise the transport resources available with the ultimate aim of reducing car travel. A current project (E-Drone) is analysing NHS practices and the implications for logistics with a view to improving patient care while reducing energy demand and cost through the integration of drones. A key focus is also providing pathways for stakeholders to build knowledge of drones and be better placed to contribute to decisions regarding drone integration into shared airspace.



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