Since 2001, I have been researching and publishing in the areas of digital virtual consumption and consumer/marketing research. I received my PhD in Management from the University of Exeter. My award winning work has been published in journals including: European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Culture, Journal of Macromarketing, Journal of Consumer Culture, Consumption, Markets & Culture and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. Papers on digital virtual consumption and consumer power have topped most cited league tables. In 2011, Consumption, Market and Culture awarded my paper on Digital Virtual Consumption, a Best Paper prize.

I am also an Associate Editor for Marketing Theory, and co-edit the Journal of Promotional Communications, CMC’s in-house journal showcasing outstanding student work.

I specialise in consumer insight generating theory and methods as well as digital consumption, which I teach and research. I have helped major media brands like ITV and Hearst at a strategy level on ways to capitalise digital content.

Students performing at their best make a tremendous contribution to my research and contract work. As Director of the Promotional Cultures and Communication Centre, I am keen to expand opportunities for students to become more involved in knowledge generation and exchange.


Broadly my work deals with digital consumption. Recent projects include:

1) Digital Consumption objects: My more recent work focuses on MP3 as an object of consumption and unearths the power-infused processes that led to its emergence. A continuation of that work, produces a genealogy of MP3, and reveals the embattlements between competing discourses seeking to define what MP3s where, public goods, commodities to be sold or ‘marketing’ hooks.

With Rebecca Watkins (Cardiff University) and Mike Molesworth (Southampton University) I am theorising different aspects of digital possession, including the relationship between ownership and possession, the role of digital objects’ characteristics in possession and possession processes.

2) Digital Devices and Distributed Consumption: In this project I am researching the relationship between consumer practices and digital devices. More specifically I am studying changes in cycles of desire in the emergence of software-human desiring hybrids where various aspects of competence in and commitment to desire construction, maintenance and actualisation are distributed between subject and machine code, leading to new configurations of consumer desire that may both stimulate and replace not just material consumption, but the focus of desiring itself. The scope of practices has been broadened to include those of ownership and possession, and meal preparation, as well as decision-making.



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