Professor Sangeeta Khorana is an international trade expert with 25 + years of academia and management consulting experience including, between 1993 and 2001 as a civil servant with the government of India.

Prof Khorana leads research on international trade policy, in particular on free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations and WTO issues. She has advised EU institutions on FTA negotiations with India and Vietnam as well as developed methodologies for liberalisation through FTA negotiations.

Prof Khorana has undertaken funded research for the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Welsh Assembly, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, European Commission, DG Trade, Commonwealth Secretariat, InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB), World Bank-ITCILO, UNCTAD-India and the Swiss Federal Government among others.

She is on several expert committees providing specialist advice including membership of:

1. Expert Trade Advisory Group (Government Procurement), Department for International Trade, UK
2. Expert Trade Advisory Group (Trade and Development), Department for International Department, UK
3. PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry, India
4. Global Trade Professionals Alliance, Australia.

She has conducted impact assessments of Brexit for the Welsh Assembly, advised industry sectors and provided testimony on the ‘UK Trade Bill’ to the Scottish Parliament (2018) and on ‘EU-India FTA negotiations’ to the European Parliament (2008).

She holds Board level positions at:

1. Institute of Exports and international Trade (IO&ET), London.
2. Satin Creditcare Limited, a listed Indian microfinance company providing social inclusion loans to 3.2 million women in 21 Indian states.

She has worked in diverse environments such as Switzerland, UK, India, Vietnam and the Caribbean. She is fluent in many languages including English, several Indian languages and has a working knowledge of German.

She welcomes PhD supervision on international trade and public procurement reform.



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