Tilak Ginige is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law at Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Science & Technology. His research interests include Renewable Energy, Mining Waste, Water Framework Directive, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law. He is a member of the Nordic Environmental Law, Governance and Science Network, the European Environmental Law Forum and the UK Environmental Law Association and he is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. His research into the Aznalcóllar Tailings Pond Failure in Andalucía, Spain in 2002 was instrumental in the creation of the Directive 2006/21/EC on the Management of Waste From the Extractive Industries (the Mining Waste Directive). The multidisciplinary article he co-authored with Ann Thornton and Frazer Ball (Ginige, T.A., Thornton, A. and Ball, F. (2011) ‘The Severn tidal barrage project: a legal paradox?’, Journal of Water Law, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp.66-77) was cited in the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, 2013. A Severn Barrage? HC 194 [ Incorporating HC 879, Session 2012-13]. The House of Commons Committee rejected the project stating that the developer had "failed to demonstrate" the project would offer value for money and the overall socio-economic impact "remained uncertain. He has in the past contributed to the Catalan Government’s environmental policy as an advisor to the President of the Generalitat of Catalunya. His other research-related achievements include involvement in EU funded research concerning the Water Framework Directive and the EU Mining Waste Water Directive.He has published in refereed journals including the European Environmental Law Review, Law, Environment and Development Journal (LEAD) , Journal of Water Law and the Int. J. Liability and Scientific Enquiry.He is currently participating with a consortium in a multidisciplinary EU H2020 research project to help promote a higher uptake of renewable energy projects at local municipality level.