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How we can help

Whether you need support and advice on an issue related to diversity and equality, want to access resources on the subject, or have an idea for a project or initiative you’d like to set up to promote diversity and equality, we can help.

We are also here to ensure you are listened to and that you have an opportunity to contribute to the work we do to make Bournemouth University a diverse and inclusive place to work, study and visit.

Our advice and support is available to you in complete confidence, and we are happy to discuss any issues related to the likes of:

  • Race, colour, nationality, ethinic or national origin
  • Religion or belief
  • Gender, gender expresssion and identity
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation, civil partnership/marital or parental status
  • Age
  • Socio-economic background
  • Trade union membership activity
  • Political belief
  • Any other distinction.

Advice and support

For staff

We are here to support and advise you on any personal issues you may face, but we also strive to promote diversity and equality good practice within BU, working closely with you to develop training and resources to support your work.

We are happy to give talks or presentations, or to provide information on related issues for both staff and external groups, helping you find and access useful information, resources and networks. If you have a particular interest in a focus group or network and would like to get involved, we can arrange that.

For students

We have access to a range of information, resources and networks and are happy to point you in the direction of anything you may find useful in the areas of equality and diversity. We can also help you get involved with focus groups or networks that may be of interest.

If you want to work in the field of diversity and equality, we are happy to support you in gaining experience in this worthwhile and rewarding sector.