Andy and Amy

Andy and Amy skiing Andy and Amy skiing

A talent for music and a shared love of heavy metal and cheese helped love blossom for Andy and Amy.

Psychology graduate Amy and music and sound production graduate Andy met through the BU Big Band – where Amy sang and Andy played electric guitar. Having got to know each other through gigs and band rehearsals, it was a summer tour in France when romance started.

Amy said: “I’d say that we fell in love during that tour in 2016, helped by our shared love for Guns N Roses and French cheese in equal measure! Immediately after graduating that year, Andy left for a year-long work/holiday in New Zealand.

This had been arranged previously and I still had the final year of my degree to complete. We decided to try and see if anything would come of this summer romance, despite the distance. It was tricky but I visited him twice while he was away.

My parents helped me fund the second trip because they could see how much we missed each other. I also had my lovely, supportive Big Band friends who knew us both very well and kept me busy, often checking in on Andy's progress.”

Andy and Amy on a mountain

Since Andy’s return to the UK, the couple have been living together. Amy has been working in mental health while Andy has been working in live events. The couple have recently relocated to the north of England as Amy has embarked on postgraduate study.

When asked whether the couple were thinking about finding love when starting university, Amy says: “Not at all. We both had different partners when we enrolled but life is a funny thing and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

It’s fair to say that we had both given up on finding our perfect ‘teenage dream’ but found it when we were least looking for it!”