Vera Markova Vera Markova graduated with a BA (Hons) in Public Relations in 2015 and is now CEO of Revolucia.

Dear girl,

You’re about to begin an adventure of a lifetime! You will meet plenty of inspirational people amongst your lecturers, course mates, flat mates and the Bournemouth community.

Whenever you feel afraid, lost, lonely or homesick, don’t be afraid to reach out, help is lurking on every corner. Also, if there is a book, film, activity that you’re passionate about, see if there is a society that you can join or if you have an idea about a society that hasn’t been created yet, why don’t you lay the foundations? Remember starting the Bulgarian Society and then helping with the Fashion Society and later on the European one? You made so many friends thanks to those societies!

Remember how shy you felt about going to these fresher’s week parties but then it was exactly there that you met some of your best friends now, nine years later. Or how stressed you were with your first assignment before reaching out to two lovely girls from your course, needless to say they are still two of the closest people in your life!

One thing that I wish you realised earlier was that you didn’t have to be a “superwoman” all the time. Deadlines are important but if you have the flu, a cold, a broken rib or anything else and you’re struggling to complete an assignment on time, please see a doctor and ask for an extension!

Now that serious talk is over, I wanna say how proud I am of what you’ve achieved and how you didn’t stop chasing your dreams – you were brave enough to sign up for Leggit, then you completed an internship abroad, a volunteering experience of a lifetime and you graduated with a GPA of 2.1. Well done girl and thank you, Bournemouth University for all of the support and the lessons I learnt!