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Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Students

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Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Students

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of BU students are facing a dramatic change in their financial circumstances.

The loss of jobs, lack of available part-time work and increase in childcare commitments are among the unexpected factors which have left some students experiencing severe hardship.

For the most disadvantaged, it has become a challenge to meet basic essential costs, such as food and medicine. And in some cases, students have had as little as a few pounds remaining in their accounts.

BU already has a hardship fund designed to help students with long-term financial issues but we decided to launch a separate scheme on 1 April to provide emergency support to those most impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Demand for this funding has been unprecedented. We received more than 800 applications in the first five weeks alone – a greater number than we saw for general hardship throughout the entire 2017–18 academic year. Not all students have families or a support network to help. They genuinely have nowhere else to turn.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Santander Universities UK, donations from BU alumni, staff and supporters, and money from the university’s reserves, we have already distributed more than £245,000 in grants. Here is just some of the feedback received from beneficiaries so far:

Thank you so, so much. This means the world to me. You have just lifted a heavy load off my shoulders.

I am very grateful for the support in these trying times.

However, to try to ensure all eligible students can access support, more funding is urgently required.

These are incredibly difficult times and we fully appreciate that donating is simply not possible for everybody. But if you are able to give, a gift of any size will make a vital difference for students in need of emergency financial assistance.

Thank you for your time and consideration. To donate, please visit our donation page.

The funds raised from this campaign will be distributed directly to students via the BU and Santander Covid-19 Support Fund.