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Financial Support Fund

We believe that every student deserves the chance to fulfill their potential and that no individual should suffer academically because of their financial status.

BU’s Financial Support Fund offers non-repayable grants to students who need immediate help in overcoming hardship.

For the most disadvantaged, some of whom are still feeling the impact of losing part-time jobs and their only sources of income due the pandemic, it may have become a challenge to meet basic essential costs, such as food, medicine, books and rent payments.

Our student services teams work incredibly hard to ensure that support is at hand for these students, and BU sets aside a significant amount of money every year to assist.

Last year, almost £300,000 was distributed via our core Financial Support Fund. In addition to that, the university awarded a further £244,985 to help students in response to the unprecedented levels of hardship created by the pandemic, with alumni among a number of generous donors to contribute towards this emergency fund.

This type of support makes a huge difference – as explained by some of the grant recipients:

This will help me more than you realise. I thank you greatly for your help.

Thank you very much! What a good scheme to aid students with their studies during tough times.

Thank you so much! I can’t explain how much pressure this has taken off, it’s such a relief! I appreciate it so much, thank you again!

We expect demand for this type of support to remain high as students continue to struggle to make ends meet.

These are challenging times and we understand that donating is simply not possible for everybody. But if you are able to, setting up a regular donation or making a one-off gift in support of the BU Financial Support Fund can help to break down the barriers many students face and enable talent to shine – regardless of a student’s financial status.

100% of donations go directly to help BU students cope with financial and emotional hardship. For example:

  • £25 could fund a weekly shop or pay for essential medications 
  • £50 could fund study materials such as books, or a headset so a student can participate in seminars from home  
  • £100 could fund travel costs to start a work placement  
  • £250 could fund a new laptop.

To make a donation, please visit our secure online donation portal or for further information, please contact Ian Wadley, BU’s Head of Fundraising, via [email protected]. Thank you so much for your support.