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The Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) was launched at BU in October 2015 and is led by Professor Rob Middleton and Associate Professor Tom Wainwright.

ORI is an exciting development that works across Bournemouth University and with local hospitals, industry partners and academia to produce high quality research and educational outputs that have a proven impact for patients, clinicians and society.

ORI is driven by the needs of our patients, clinical colleagues and wider society to produce high quality academic and patient outcomes across the fields of orthopaedic surgery, related diseases, treatments, technologies and devices.

Current areas of focus include:

  • Non- surgical management of osteoarthritis
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Virtual Reality surgical  training
  • Robotic hip surgery
  • Medical device research and development

We are currently seeking vital pump-priming funding, which is needed to allow the core ORI team to focus on research and development. Please contact the Fundraising Team for more information or make a donation online.

For more information about the Orthopaedics Research Institute, visit: