Bournemouth Archaeology is a commercial archaeological unit based at Bournemouth University. We work nationwide on a wide variety of projects including housing developments, wind and solar farms, commercial developments, road schemes and mineral extraction sites.

We offer advice to clients on archaeological and heritage issues and carry out a full range of archaeological services on your behalf.

We have experience in working with our clients to identify, assess and mitigate archaeological issues arising from proposed developments at an early stage of the development process.

What we do

Whether you have a planning consent which requires site-based archaeological investigations, are planning a development and require advice on archaeological and cultural heritage issues or you are submitting a planning application and need advice on meeting pre-determination archaeological and cultural heritage requirements, we can provide the services you need.

We liaise with local planning authorities, archaeological curators, English Heritage and other statutory authorities on your behalf to negotiate a scope of works for your project, and provide a tailor-made, cost-effective solution.

Visit the Bournemouth Archaeological Research Consultancy website to find out more