‘Snapshots’ are an opportunity to access the latest academic research relating to a particular area of enquiry, delivered in the form of a written report.

Why make use of it?

  • Drawing from a global perspective and numerous secondary data sources
  • Providing models of behaviour that help contextualise other data sources
  • Answering questions that consumers don’t know the answer to
  • Delivered by academics for enhanced credibility

How does it happen?

  • We work with the client to identify a specific research question: what is it that you’re looking to know more about?
  • An initial review identifies the research themes that emerge from academic research
  • Working with the client we identify those deemed most pertinent which are then explored more deeply
  • A final report is delivered that pulls the learning together with a clear focus on the initial research question/s

There are three ‘levels of entry’

  1. A report that delivers the learning available that relates to the specific research questions
  2. As above but here the learning is contextualised and thought given to the specific implications the learning has for the area of enquiry
  3. As above but here the learning is taken further and new models of thinking are created by senior academics

Case study: Channel 4

Demographic: targeting via Channel 4’s On Demand platform

The brief: Channel 4 wanted to better understand the efficiency and effectiveness of demographic targeting for advertising on their ‘on demand’ service platform.

Our approach: a review of academic literature and industry-related sources in relation to segmentation and targeting in the context of online targeting, including effectiveness of targeting and consumer or user attitudes towards it.

The outputs: a 5,000-word report with recommendations based on contemporary changes to media consumption, which challenge accepted practices and attitudes.