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#BUProud of our healthcare community

2020 marked the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife and this will be extended to 2021 in Europe. As we all know, throughout the extraordinary year, nurses, midwives and all healthcare professionals have worked tirelessly to help those in their care. This includes 400 BU healthcare students, who have been working in practice to assist in the battle against Covid-19. We are extremely #BUProud of these students and the whole BU healthcare community.

Read blogs and interviews from BU's healthcare heroes

Emma Hamilton, BSc (Hons) Midwifery student

Emma Hamilton, BSc (Hons) Midwifery student

One aspect of midwifery studies at BU is to reflect on experiences – both positive and those which have been more challenging. Emma does just this in her honest and heartfelt poem.
James Cook, BSc (Hons) Nursing graduate

James Cook, BSc (Hons) Nursing graduate

James, who works as an Advanced Clinical Practitioner, reflects on 2020 – the highs and the lows – and his hopes for 2021, which include some stability.
Charmaine King, BU Midwifery studentPhoto used with permission

Charmaine King, third year midwifery student

On working in practice throughout the pandemic:

Our role during Covid-19 has always been women-centred and I have been lucky enough to support and empower women in my care alongside a team of qualified midwives. This photo is special to me. It shows the professional yet raw moments within midwifery. It really is an amazing role.

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