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Investing in our technological and intellectual capital

The Board recognises the importance of investment to meet our BU2025 vision. We’re investing £250 million in our buildings, IT and facilities from 2012 to 2020 to ensure that we offer the best possible educational experience.

Fusion at BU will inspire learning for our students and staff and in our wider communities. Our focus is on student experience and outcomes, developing the role of research and practice in our learning opportunities and ensuring excellence across our portfolio, as well as continuing to provide opportunities for staff development and learning and engaging practice, industry and our communities in learning.

In 2017 a team of 50 staff worked over an eight month period to ready BU for the launch of Brightspace, our new virtual learning environment (VLE). September 2018 saw all of our new and returning students use Brightspace, the provision of this new platform is key to helping us to achieve our vision of ensuring that we make the most of the technology and systems available to us to provide a consistently student-centred excellent learning experience at BU. Over the decade-long contract, more than 100,000 students are expected to benefit from BU's substantial financial investment into its digital infrastructure.

In 2018 we have been working on two new developments (called the gateway developments) which are key to helping us achieve our vision. These landmark buildings will not only provide striking gateways to Talbot and Lansdowne, but will also provide the best facilities for our highly regarded faculties – Media and Communication, Science and Technology, Management and Health and Social Sciences.

Virtual learning environment

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Brightspace is our virtual learning environment (VLE) and includes all the information required to support our students studies, including unit information, study materials and study skills resources.


Brightspace offers a responsive and personalised learning experience with powerful learning analytics capabilities, integrated social media and advanced video features.

Current projects

Poole Gateway Building

Poole Gateway Building

The Poole Gateway Building is located at the eastern end of the Talbot Campus, facing Boundary Roundabout and creating a visual gateway to the campus. It provides high-quality technical facilities that support undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as research.