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Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture

Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture

The Centre for Events, Leisure, Society and Culture (CELSC) spotlights the national and international intellectual profile and reputation of the critical study of events and leisure at Bournemouth University by providing a strategic and effective platform for researchers, and research collaborations and partnerships.

Events and leisure are embedded in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of most societies; they are often barometers of important societal metrics such as national ‘happiness’, wellbeing, prosperity, economic stability and growth. Components of events and leisure also play a vital role in broader political issues such as processes of democracy, environmental sustainability, migration and civil society.

CELSC at BU is a dynamic domain for the substantive research-related activities of a team of enthusiastic staff within, and associated with, the Department of Events and Leisure. Staff are managing editors and editorial board members for key academic journals in the field: Leisure Studies; Event Management; International Journal of Event and Festival; International Journal of Event Management Research; Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education; Journal of Transport Geography; Journal of Sustainable Tourism and e-Review of Tourism Research.

The centre offers an active hub for the on-going growth and development of high quality research praxis, which underpins a breadth and depth of critical analyses of events and leisure.

CELSC fosters a research culture of continual knowledge exchange by attending to emerging research priorities. Through discernible research themes, events and leisure academics provide leadership and expertise that impact activities with local, regional, national and international partners.

CELSC research themes

Fusion and co-creation

The Fusion of research, pedagogy and professional practice lie at the heart of BU, and CELSC aligns closely with undergraduate and postgraduate degree pathways. These pathways have shown strong recruitment reflecting a professionalisation of the industries surrounding events and leisure. With this as the context, co-creation is a significant feature of our existing work and we provide opportunities for collaborative projects to investigate real world problems and inform contemporary industry strategy.

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