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Centre for Film and Television

The Centre for Film and Television seeks to stimulate and sustain a highly visible research culture for staff and research students within the broad areas of academic research resulting out of film and television traditions and practices.

Within a changing media environment, we want to reflect and discuss traditions and practices as well as encouraging researcher to think and reflect about practices for future media platforms, practices and distributions. The aim is to connect artistic and academic-research, practice-based and practice-led in an inspiring and challenging way to contribute to regional as well as international discourse in our area.

The centre aims to:

  • Stimulate and sustain a highly encouraging and supportive research culture for staff and research students within the broad areas of film and television and any transdisciplinary opportunities emerging from those disciplines;
  • Create an enabling environment for researchers to grow and develop towards producing internationally significant and world leading research;
  • Establish a coherent unit that is able to most effectively achieve the University’s strategic aims and objectives in the area of research.
  • Ensure that the research activity of staff and research students will be in an appropirate way made visible to the outside world; and that Bournemouth will be recognised as a leading film and television research hub.
  • Play a leading role in developing our knowledge and understanding of film and television practice and practices.




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