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Psychology Research Centre

Psychology Research Centre

The Psychology Research Centre sits in the Department of Psychology at Bournemouth University (BU) and is coordinating all the research activities within the department. The Centre has very strong collaborations with national and international partners.

The Psychology Research Centre is structured into four research groups which are listed below. These research groups have strong links to other research centres within the university such as the Ageing and Dementia Research Centre (ADRC) and the Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit (BUCRU).

The Psychology Research Centre has access to state-of-the art equipment to support its research.

Our research groups

Behaviour Change Research Group

Behaviour Change Research Group

The work of the Behaviour Change Group aims to develop knowledge of the psychological factors underlying health, health behaviours and wellbeing, and develop strategies and interventions for improvement.

Testing for face blindness

Face Processing Research Group

The Face Processing Research Group has expertise in neuropsychological disorders of face-processing and forensic applications of face-processing research, but study all aspects of face perception.

Brain sun hands


The Social, Cognitive, Clinical, and Affective Neuroscience Research Group (SC2AN) is conducting research in cutting-edge cognitive and neuroscience areas. 

Testing suite

Visual Cognition Research Group

This group of researchers works within the field of Visual Cognition, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of not only the staff within the department, but colleagues from across Bournemouth University

News from the Psychology Research Centre