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Maltese Temples Landscape Project

Maltese Temples Landscape Project

We are investigating the development, social context, and landscape-setting of the island’s Neolithic temples, focusing on the site of Skorba.
dementia elderly

Understanding nutrition and dementia

Through this project we aim to provide frontline nurses and care staff with the skills they need to improve the delivery of nutrition and hydration for those living with dementia.
Mapping the Forests of Medieval Novgorod

Mapping the forests of Medieval Novgorod

Adopting a forest simulation model not usually used in an archaeological context, we are mapping the Novgorod forest and its exploitation in the Medieval era.

HEIF-funded projects

Building Roman Britain

Building Roman Britain

Using an innovative programme of archaeological science, this project will explore the issues created by the Roman invasion of Britain in terms of the procurement of specific building materials.
World Heritage Jurassic Coast

Modelling Natural Capital in Dorset

This project examines the link between natural capital and economic growth, with the aim of developing modelling tools to support economic forecasting in the county.
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