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Enjoy your placement

Settling in to your placement can feel a little bit like your first few weeks at university - that's ok and perfectly normal! If you do have any concerns the below information may help, or you can always talk to your employer or your Placement Development Adviser.

Frequently asked questions when on placement

What can I do if I’m not enjoying my placement?

It's exciting going on placement, but sometimes it can be challenging settling into a workplace, particularly if it is your first experience of work.

If you are finiding it difficult, try to determine what it is exactly that is causing you concern... Is the work demanding enough? Are you clear about what is required of you? Do you need some extra training or explanation? Once you have a clearer idea of what's not working, speak to your mentor or supervisor at your workplace, or contact your Placement Development Adviser (PDA) and have a chat.

Students have told us that most concerns they've had on placement have been resolved and they've gone on to have fulfilling placements where they've gone on to really make a differenece in the work place.

On very rare occasions, and where there is no other resolution, you may need to reconsider your placement and look for an alternative. If you are considering this option, you must keep the university informed so that we can offer you the right advice and support - and you should bear in mind that you have entered into a contract with your employer and should expect to abide by any periods of notice.      

What do I do if there’s a major incident in the location of my placement?

1. Contact your next of kin

2. Contact BU to confirm that you are ok: +44 (0) 1202 962222 or

3. Consult the British Government websites for advice and travel information

We will try to contact you. Please keep in mind that while BU has a duty of care to you, ultimately we are not liable for your safety so please use your common sense in keeping safe at all times.

For information about support from BU visit the Health & Wellbeing webpages.

What should I be doing during my placement to prepare for my final year?

During your placement year is the ideal time to start preparing yourself for the graduate job hunt when you enter your final year. Update your CV to reflect your placement year and include examples of your achievements to date.

This is also a good time to start thinking about exploring what you would enjoy doing for a career and what jobs and careers you can do with your degree, including further study options.

Here is a list of things you can do during your placement year to help you start thinking about what you might want to do once you leave BU:

Access MyCareerHub to:

  • Check out possible career ideas and options and take a career assessment
  • See what support is available for self-employment
  • Find out what BU grads are doing since graduation
  • Find out about further/postgraduate study opportunities in the UK.