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International applicants & future students

If you are an international student joining us in September, we appreciate you may have lots of questions about getting here, rules on quarantine, and other queries relating to Covid-19. This page covers all the key information that you need to know, including links to government guidelines.

Travelling to the UK

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions mean this is an unsettling time for many students hoping to study in the UK in September. The UK Government rules and restrictions are constantly being evaluated so please make sure that you refer to the latest information regarding travel to the UK on the website, as well as checking any restrictions in your own country before making any travel arrangements.

Rules about arriving in the UK 

If you are a UK passport holder or have a valid Student Visa, you can still travel to England. The UK Government has categorised all countries as either green, amber or red. The rules for each category will affect your travel arrangements and what you need to do when you arrive in England, so you must check the category of the country you are travelling from, or through, to come to the UK. Also, the category of each country may change depending upon the Covid-19 infection levels, so please make sure you have the latest information before you travel. 

If you are travelling from a green-list country, you can plan to travel to England as normal. You won’t need to quarantine on arrival here. Find out more details about green countries on the website

If you are travelling from an amber-list country, you can plan to travel to England as normal, but you will need to quarantine in your student accommodation for 10 days when you get here and take several Covid-19 tests. Find out more details about amber countries on the website

If you are travelling from a red-list country, you can plan to travel to England if you are able to do so, but you will need to pay for a 10-day stay in a quarantine hotel when you arrive and take several Covid-19 tests. If you are not able to travel in time to begin your studies in September, please get in touch with us by emailing and we can discuss your options. These might include deferring your start with BU until January or September 2022. Find out more details about red countries on the website

The NHS has also shared some helpful information for university students (pdf, 133kb), including information specific to international students, which can be viewed or downloaded.


If you have booked accommodation through BU and do not require quarantine measures, you can move in anytime from Tuesday 14 September onwards. You will receive your online accommodation induction email with details of how to book your moving-in slot on Wednesday 25 August. 

If you are travelling from an amber country and need to quarantine in your student accommodation when you get here, please don’t worry, so long as you are living in BU student accommodation, we will provide you with bedding and a food starter-pack, so that you are able to arrive and settle in for your quarantine period. You will also be able to arrive before 14 September, so that you can complete your 10-day isolation period and start your studies on Monday 20 September. Your accommodation team will contact you to discuss your specific arrival date. 

You can find out more information on our website about moving into your accommodation and a range of accommodation FAQs

If you are moving into private accommodation, please speak to your provider or landlord for further information about when you can move in. You will also need to arrange for food and other essential items to be delivered to you during this 10-day period, if you are travelling from an amber country and need to quarantine in your accommodation on arrival. More information about how to do this can be found on our Managing Covid-19 FAQs page.  

We will update you with any significant changes relating to travelling to Bournemouth over the coming months, but please make sure you understand the latest UK information, as well as checking any restrictions in your own country before making any travel arrangements. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us by contacting our International Admissions team. 

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