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Staying productive while working from home

We asked the BU community for their top tips on staying productive while working or studying from home.

Have a routine

Make a schedule and stick to it. Get up at at the same time each day during the week and have a to-do list of things you’d like to achieve each day.

Take breaks

Chances are you won’t be moving around as much as you would if you were on campus or in the office. Take regular breaks to get up, have a good stretch and do something you enjoy.

Eat and drink well

Stay hydrated with plenty of water or your hot drink of choice. Use your breaks to make some healthy and nutritious food to keep you going – or treat yourself when you finish your work for the day!

Listen to music

Pop on the radio, a motivational playlist or your favourite podcast for some background sound that isn’t too distracting.


Get the endorphins going with a home workout, an online class or a socially-distanced stroll to get some fresh air and keep a clear head.

Make the most of online resources

Lots of organisations are providing free webinars or resources – use the time to do some professional development or additional reading around your subject.

Try not to work from bed

If possible, work from a desk or table – this is not only better for your posture and productivity, but also helps create some separation between work and home life. Turn off your computer, do a quick tidy of your workspace and try not to check emails once you’ve officially finished for the day.