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Make the most of this year to share your thoughts and give your feedback on your student experience. Some of your feedback may generate a quick chance, and some may benefit future students.

National Student Survey (NSS)

National Student Survey logo

Over the past few years you'll have seen NeSSa the camel round campus so you may be familiar with the NSS already. If not, in the second semester you'll be asked to complete the NSS, a survey of all final year students in the UK. It's run by a company called IpsosMori and gives all final year undergraduate students in the UK a chance to rate their university experience. The results of the survey are published via Unistats and inform league table results.

You'll receive an email directly from IpsosMori when the survey opens and they will follow up with a phone call before the survey closes if you don't complete it online. We'll give you plenty of opportunities to complete it while you're on campus too.

Please don't be too upset if NeSSa doesn't make an appearance this year...


When you login to myBU you'll see a Student Feedback tab. This tab is updated regularly by your Faculty and SUBU after each Student Experience Forum with details and responses to the issues raised.

If you don't want to share your feedback at these forums, or you don't want to wait until then,  you can fill out an online form which will be sent to the relevant department.


If there's something you, a friend or your tutor has done or experienced while at BU that you're especially proud of, tweet using #BUProud and send your story to XXXXXX..