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Exclusive support – only available in BU accommodation

ResLifeBU is a programme run by staff and students to help welcome, support and encourage you throughout your time at university.

Available only in BU accommodation, it works around three core principles: Social, Wellbeing and Skills, ensuring that you have access to all the things you might need whilst living in your home from home. £1 of your weekly rents goes towards paying for the programme meaning it is readily accessible to you as soon as you move in. It’s for students who want to be social, students who want inclusivity and students looking for a supportive community.  

Student walking on the beach


Wellbeing comprises everything that involves your welfare, health, safety and overall comfort and security when living within our accommodation.

The BIG Beach BBQ Fiesta


Social provides a wide range of inclusive activities and events run for you by our ResLifeBU team.

ResLifeBU in room with students


ResLifeBU Skills relate to everything and anything a student may need to set them up for success during their first year and beyond at Bournemouth:

ResLifeBU group at table

Work for ResLifeBU

Be a part of our ResLifeBU team and help create a lively, friendly and supportive community.
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Check our Facebook page for events.

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