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Looking after your sexual health

Keep yourself healthy - find out how you can access free contraception, sexual health clinics and STI tests.

If you ever need anyone to talk to we've got lots of support teams on campus from the Student Medical Centre and Student Wellbeing to SUBU Advice. The Dorset Sexual Trauma And Recovery Service (STARS) also run a weekly drop in session at Student Wellbeing in Talbot House on the first Monday of every month, 11.30am-3pm.

Sexual health clinics

Sexual Health Dorset provide contraceptive and sexual health services across the county. You can find local Sexual Health Clinics and how to book an appointment on the website, as well as information on contraception, STI’s (including free tests for under 25’s), plus lots of help and advice. Or you can get in touch via social media or call 0300 303 1948:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI's)

You can find out about Sexual Health Dorset screening events via the website or social media channels. You can also order a free test online.

Contraception and pregnancy

The NHS can provide most contraception for free - find out about the different types of contraception available. If you need emergency contraception check the options available to you on the Sexual Health Dorset website. We've also put together more information about what to do if you think you're pregnant and the support available.

Cervical screening tests 

All women over the age of 25 will receive a letter from their doctor every three years to remind them to book an appointment for their smear test. This is a quick and painless test to detect pre-cancerous changes in cells from the cervix (neck of the womb). Early cell abnormalities can be picked up and monitored or treated and eliminated to prevent progression to actual cancer. It's really important to register with a doctor and keep your details up to date so that you can ensure you get regular smear tests. Find out more about what's a cervical screening?

Breast and testicular cancer: self-examination

Get into the habit of checking yourself on a monthly basis to look for any changes, swelling, pain, lumps or bumps. For more information visit the testicular cancer and self-examination page or the how should I check my breasts? page.

Saying ‘no’

Whatever gender or sexual orientation you identify as, if you feel that you're being pressured into having sex, remember that it is always your choice. Please also be aware that pressuring someone into sex is a serious offence. Non-consensual sex is either rape or sexual assault. Remember, if you’re planning to do anything sexual then both of you must give consent. Find out more on Disrespect NoBody - what is consent? We've also put together some useful information about healthy relationships and the support available if you need it. 

If you, or someone you know, has been affected by sexual abuse or harassment there is specific support available, including how to report this online. 

Staying safe online and sexting

Remember that everything you share online can be available pretty much forever. Mind your privacy by using the control settings on websites and apps. Choose your friends wisely - don't feel pressured into sending pictures or messages. You can find more information and support on the Brook, Thinkuknow and Disrespect NoBody websites.  

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Health & wellbeing

Find out about the resources and support available on campus and online to help keep you feeling safe and well.

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Looking for support?

Whether you're looking for academic, personal, financial or career support - find out how we can help.