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You said, this happened...

Whether you have shared feedback via your Student Rep, at a Student Shout / Big Meeting, or via your faculty Student Experience Forum, here are some examples of changes and enhancements we have made at BU based on what you've told us.

You said: there aren't enough U1 buses between 5-6pm

We continue to review the demand for the bus service and from 8 February 2016 will fund an additional U1 service at 6.05pm.

You said: We don't understand why or how to reference our work correctly

A dedicated study skills session was timetabled to introduce students to Harvard referencing, its importance and how & why we reference work at BU.

BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

You said: We want to do something as a group

A laser-tag and all-you-can-eat dinner event was organised by your student rep - 26 of you went along and it "was awesome!".

MSc Forensic Anthropology

You said: The Narrative Construction unit is very film-focused and we don't know how to approach it

A Radio Production tutor agreed to mark the assignments for the your cohort.

MA Radio Prodcution

You said: We'd like more monitors in the editing room so we can each have an external screen

You started the term with five new screens.

MA Post Production Editing

You said: We'd like to see our year 2 academic advisors more

There are now 1:1 sessions scheduled after exams - some took place before the Christmas break.

BSc (Hons) Marketing

You said: We've learned a lot of theory so far in year 1, but we aren't sure how to apply them to practice

Two lectures were organised discussing PR campaigns, followed up with seminars focused on creating campaigns.

BA (Hons) Public Relations

You said: We don't have enough study spaces and as there isn't a canteen on campus we haven't got anywhere to store food from home

We provided you with a small study room and a fridge.

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

You said: The online information for our year 1 assignments wasn't accessible to everyone making it diffcult to complete the work

The deadline was extended and the information could be obtained directly from the tutors and copied to USB sticks.

BA (Hons) Archaeology and Anthropology

You said: There isn't enough lab space during the day

The Faculty are looking at getting another lab for next year, as well as organising the timetable so the labs are free of lessons more often.

BSc (Hons) Games Technology

You said: We need more silent study spaces in Bournemouth House Library

We’re working on creating extra space for early 2016.

You said: It's hard to print off work at busy times in the library

You can now find dedicated ‘quick printing’ PCs in the print room on the ground floor and third floor of the Sir Michael Cobham Library on the Talbot Campus and in Bournemouth House Library where you can login for up to 15 minutes in order to print off work. 

You said: Better relationships between students and the community

Building on the work being done by our brilliant Community Wardens, this year, SUBU and the AUB Students' Union have developed a Student Survival Guide which has been delivered to students living in the community to help with housing issues. 

You said: We'd like anonymous marking

BU have agreed to have at least one piece of coursework marked anonymously per unit and have agreed that in the future all work that can be marked anonymously, should be.

You said: Fairer approach to handling late submissions for work

There is now a 72-hour late submission window where work will be capped at 40% rather than given a mark of zero.

You said: Longer library opening hours

Both libraries have extended their opening hours since 26 October 2015. The Sir Michael Cobham Library, Talbot Campus is now open until midnight Monday to Friday and the Bournemouth House Library is open until midnight Monday - Thursday and 10pm on Sundays. 

Check the library information for full details.

You said: Children's & Young People's Nursing course updates

You wanted the opportunity to bring issues to the attention of the programme team, so we have invited student reps from all three year groups to our monthly team meetings.

You wanted longer notice of placement locations. You now have six weeks' notice - and we are working on providing eight weeks' notice by 2016.

You said you wanted clearer assignment feedback so we have developed a feedback form making it easier for you to relate to the generic assessment criteria.

You said: Enhance the access to myBU unit information

We know that lots of you access myBU via a mobile device. In addition to using myBU online, you can now view your myBU unit information, announcements and communities on your mobile device using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Find out more >>

You said: Improve the IT Services website

Over the past year students from the Facutly of Media & Communication have been working with BU's IT Services to create a new website, making information easier to access and navigate.

The IT Services team reviewed student feedback that had been shared at Student Experience Forums, by SUBU Student Reps and via enquiries to the IT Service Desk in the last academic year. Find out more >>

You said: More library resources, desks, PC's and flexible renewals and reservations

Throughout 2013-14, Library and Learning Support have been listening to student feedback from SUBU's Student Opinion Survey and The National Student Survey.

The library staff have acted on that feedback and made a number of changes which will benefit all BU students. Find out more >>.

You said: More buses!

The start of term saw big queues and longer waiting times on some of BU's bus routes. Students shared their frustration with the Students' Union and BU's travel planners had a more efficient service running in less than a week. Find out more >>.

For more examples of how we've responded to the feedback you've provided, visit the myBU Student Feedback section.