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PAL for staff and leaders

How could staff support PAL?

  • PAL is most successful when it is an active, participative process with contributions from tutors, leaders and students therefore please do encourage students to attend their PAL sessions
  • Provide copies of assignment briefs and assessment guidelines to your Leaders via your Programme's PAL Course Contact
  • It is a benefit on your course because it creates links between year groups which can help develop a more cohesive programme culture
  • In their PAL Leaders, the course gains altruistic and committed students who can help promote the programme at Open days and meet with internal or external reviewers
  • Increases the level of student involvement in and ownership of learning
  • Support can be targeted at specific areas of a programme which students find particularly challenging with an aim to improve student understanding

Email us if you are interested in embedding PAL into your programme.

PAL for course contacts

Our PAL Scheme thrives when our student PAL Leaders are supported by both the Central PAL Team and their PAL Academic Course Contact (ACC). The PAL ACC is a role that one academic for each programme will take on to act as a liaison for the Central PAL Team and students from that programme, and will also be responsible for recruiting leaders and supporting them throughout the academic year.

Find out more in our online guide for PAL Academic Course Contacts here:

PAL for leaders

Recruitment for PAL Leaders generally begins around March with a deadline of early May. 

Each programme will have a dedicated PAL Academic Course Contact who is responsible for the recruitment of PAL Leaders for that programme. They will usually contact their Level 4 students and let them know that the opportunity is arising to become a PAL Leader, and provide them with more information including a job description and application form. 

If you have any further questions about becoming a PAL Leader, or know someone who is interested, please contact us at and we can signpost you to the right person!