If you are visiting BU from another university in the form of a fellowship or professorship then you may be able to take advantage of the university's library. Following approval of your appointment by the University Senate, your faculty will send you details of your staff username and password and you will be invited to become a member of the university library.

Your staff username and password enables you to login on or off-campus to the university network and to access the library's electronic resources (databases, e-journals and e-books).

If you wish to borrow books this too can be arranged. You will be sent a staff ID card which also serves as your library card.

You will also be asked to sign our library registration card, to acknowledge your acceptance of the Library Rules (pdf 234kb).

Additionally, we would draw your attention to University Rule Section 23.2, governing use of electronic information.

Acceptable use of databases and other electronic resources includes teaching, research, personal educational development and development work associated with any of the above. Unacceptable use includes consultancy or services leading to the commercial exploitation of the product and work of significant benefit to an employer.