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Archaeology, Local and Natural History Collections

Arthur Brown Collection

Press cuttings and other printed material relating to riots and civil disobedience in the UK covering the period 1976-2000.

Name Riots and civil disobedience, collected and arranged by Arthur Brown
Dates 1976 - 2000
Physical Description 29 items
Arrangement Arranged in three groups. 1) Folders containing newspaper cuttings. 2) Printed and photocopied material. 3) 2 boxes containing journal issues
Access/Reproduction Restrictions Archives & Special Collections
Contents and Scope 16 Folders of cuttings and reports:
Death of Blair Peach 1979-1988
Brixton Riots 1981-1991
Scarman Enquiry into the Brixton riots 1981-
Manchester Riots 1981-1982
Toxteth Riots 1981-1985
Messenger-NGA Dispute 1983-1985
Death of Colin Roach 1983
Miners' Strike Fatalities 1984-1985
Docks Strike 1984-1985
Broadwater Farm Riots 1985-1995
Handsworth Riots1985-1986
Heysel Stadium Disaster 1985-1990
Wapping Dispute 1986-1991
Poll Tax Riots 1990-1995
Newcastle Riots 1991-1992
Murder of Stephen Lawrence: MacPherson
Inquiry 1999 -2000

Printed and photocopied material:
Community Disorder: the police response:
Handbook for students. 198?
Gregory, Frank. Protest and Violence; the
Police response. Conflict Studies no. 75, September 1976
Shipley, Peter. The National Front: Racialism and
neo-Fascism in Britain. Conflict Studies no. 97, July 1978
Racial Attacks: report of a Home Office Study.
London: Home Office, 1981
Views on the Scarman report into the Brixton
Riots of 1981
Metropolitan Police. Public Order Review: civil
Disturbances 1981-85
Home Office. Committee of Inquiry into Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds: Interim Report (Cmnd. 9585) London: HMSO, 1985
West Midlands Police Handsworth / Lozells, September 1985 Birmingham: West Midlands Police, 1985
Kinsey, Richard. Survey of Merseyside Police
Officers first report, June 1985
Silverman, Julius Independent Inquiry into the Handsworth Disturbances, September 1985, Report. Birmingham: City of Birmingham, 1986
Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: report of an Inquiry by Sir William MacPherson of Cluny. (Cm 4262-I). London: HMSO, 1999

Box of Left and Right Wing Journals and Flyers, containing various printed materials, mainly copies of Socialist Worker, Black Flag, National Student, Bulldog and other journals, and flyers.

Source of Acquisition Donation by Arthur Brown
Administrative /biographical history Arthur Brown, former Police Inspector Cheshire Constabulary, and Lecturer in Law and Public Administration at West Cheshire College. Author of Police Governance in England and Wales. London: Cavendish, 1998.
Language English
Control number M0009444DO

Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Collection

A collection of the proceedings, reports, newsletters and bulletins of the Society covering the period from its formation as the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club in 1876, up to date.

Name Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Collection
Dates 1876-2002
Physical Description 4 journals and 2 indexes
Arrangement Proceedings 1960 on , plus Newsletters and Annual Reports are with the 4th floor journals
Proceedings 1877-1959, and a duplicate set of Proceedings from 1972 on are in Archives & Special Collections
Contents and Scope Proceeding of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club, vols. I-XLIX, 1877-1928.
Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, vols. L-, 1928-
Newsletter of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, no. 8 - , 1976-
(The Newsletter incorporated several other publications that were sometimes published within the Newsletter and sometimes separately. These were: Bird Bulletin, to 1996; Dorset Local History Group Newsletter, to 1996, the Natural History News Bulletin, nos. 1-14, 1987-1990, and Natural History and Geology Bulletin, nos. 15-32, 1990-1995.)
Annual Report 1993 - (1972-1993 the annual report was published in the newsletter, pre 1972 it was published in the Proceedings)
Index to the Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, vols. 1-110, 1876-1983
Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Subject Index, vols. 42-82, 1921-1960
Source of Acquisition The early run of the Proceedings to 1928 was donated by Mr Derek Beamish
Administrative/biographical history The Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club changed its name to The Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society in 1928 when it amalgamated with Dorset County Museum.
Language English
Control number M0009627DO

Wedlake and Greening Collection

A collection books and pamphlets on archaeology split between the mobile shelving, Library Store and the open shelves. The material covers a period from c.1840 - 1976.

Name Wedlake and Greening Collection
Dates C.1840 - 1976
Physical Description 38 boxes of pamphlets and a collection of books
Arrangement The books in the collection are divided between the main library collections and Archives & Special Collections, they can be identified by the book plate. They are catalogued individually and appear on the Library Catalogue.
The pamphlet collections are in boxes in Archives & Special Collections. The boxes are catalogued individually and appear on the Library Catalogue.
Access/Reproduction Restrictions The majority of the items are in Archives & Special Collections, but some are distributed through the main library collections
Contents and Scope The boxes of pamphlets are titled as follows:-
Pamphlets on Architecture
Pamphlets on Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals (Great Britain)- 3 boxes
Pamphlets on Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals (not Great Britain)
Pamphlets on Coins
Pamphlets on Archaeology (Overseas) - 2 boxes
Pamphlets on Archaeological Museums and Exhibitions (Great Britain)
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Great Britain
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Scotland and Ireland
Pamphlets on Archaeology of London
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Kent
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Sussex
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Hampshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Isle of Wight
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Wiltshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Dorset
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Devon
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Cornwall
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Somerset - 2 boxes
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Avon
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Gloucestershire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Hereford and Worcester
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Shropshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Derbyshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Nottinghamshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Lincolnshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Leicestershire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Hertfordshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Norfolk
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Suffolk
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Cambridge
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Essex
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Cheshire
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Lancashire, Manchester and Cumbria
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland and Tyneside
Pamphlets on Archaeology of Wales
Source of Acquisition Donation from William James Wedlake and Peter Greening
Language English
Control number M0009445DO