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Global talent stories

GTP stories Jade

Jade, Shradha, Sam and Mike’s stories

Watch our #BUGlobalTalent stars talking about the highlights of their Global Talent Programme experience at the annual awards ceremony.

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GTP stories Diane

Diane’s Story

Watch #BUGlobalTalent Star Diane sharing how the Global Talent Programme helped her make the most of her student experience, enhance her CV, get recognised for her extracurricular pursuits and gain work experience!

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Oliver, Selina and Nat’s Stories

Oliver completed the programme while working towards his Master’s in Producing Film and Television. Reflecting on his GTP experience Oli said:

GTP stories Oliver

Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Global Talent Programme and achieving my award at the GTP ceremony! Being part of this programme has opened my eyes to various global opportunities and meeting/networking with young entrepreneurs that have self-started their own businesses. Truly inspirational!”

In this video, meet Oliver who is joined by Selina and Nat as they share why they joined the programme and the type of activities they got involved in.


GTP stories Alejandra

Alejandra’s story

Read Alejandra’s blog on the benefits of being part of the GTP.

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Joe’s story

GTP stories Joe

Joe joined the Global Talent Programme on top of his second year BA Film studies. Joe set himself challenging goals as part of the programme, such as securing a place for the Global Festival of Learning in Vietnam and signing up to complete the Disciplined Researcher badge of the programme which is designed for Postgraduate students.

Joe excelled on the programme, receiving and Outstanding Contribution Award but also created a real difference for his fellow students with his engagement on campus. He is an active Student Ambassador, contributes to the student Nerve Media, produces vlogs and blogs on important student issues, and takes an active part in Resurface - an innovative project in support of student wellbeing.


Cerys’ story

GTP stories Cerys

Cerys joined the Global Talent Programme during her first year Computer Animation and Technical Arts course. She attended the core workshops and developed strong aspirations for a global career. Some of the optional activities she chose to develop her global mindset were learning French with Languages@BU, Cultural Awareness workshops and working as a Student Ambassador. As a result of her engaged participation in a core workshop delivered by J.P. Morgan, Cerys was invited (amongst 300 other students nationally) to compete for 5 summer internships with the company. Throughout this highly competitive selection process Cerys used the employability skills learned as part of her GTP experience and was one of the successful candidates!

Cerys shared that the programme has helped her,

grow and develop as a person and develop the skills needed to navigate an international career and opened many doors.”

Cerys has been recognised with a Global Talent Outstanding Contribution award.


Sergio’s Story

Sergio completed the Programme on top of his Business Studies with Marketing course. Being born in Colombia and speaking Spanish and English, Serge is passionate about travelling and aspires to work internationally and learn about different cultures. He actively engaged with the core workshops and made the most of the real-life opportunities to practice the models and skills learned. He completed a study exchange for a semester in Newfoundland, went on placement at a multi-national company, attended professional development workshops with STEEP and participated in startup and networking events. Reflecting on this experience Sergio said,

GTP stories Sergio

The GTP is much more than just sitting through lectures. The programme has really complimented my course, given me a new growth mindset and encouraged me to achieve more. The guest speakers are so interesting, everything they are telling us is real life experience, real people’s stories. It is inspiring and really useful for finding jobs and handling interviews. I would recommend the GTP to anybody who wants to grow personally and professionally and stand out from others on their course.”

Georgina’s story

Georgina joined the Global Talent Programme during her second year of BA Sociology and Anthropology studies. She challenged herself to complete the Disciplined Researcher badge of the programme which is designed for Postgraduate students and developed a mobile application project solution as part of a team for the Global Talent Project Lab. Georgina has made significant contribution to the student experience as a PAL Leader and Student Ambassador and has been recognised with a Global Talent Outstanding Contribution award.

GTP stories Georgina

I have enjoyed developing my global mindset, heartset and skillset with the Global Talent Programme and putting these into practice to solve a real life business challenge in the final stage. Working with students on vastly different courses and timetables, this experience showed me how commitment, teamwork, and understanding can be truly rewarding. I am so grateful that GTP gave me confidence in facilitating PAL sessions, so much so I encouraged many of the students to join. As a Student Ambassador I am interacting with a mixture of students and what I have learned as part of the programme has made it a lot easier to engage culturally, work collaboratively and give excellent customer service to my fellow students."

Jade’s Story

Jade joined the Global Talent Programme on top of her second year of BA Public Relations studies. She has been actively involved in the programme, was successfully selected to join the Global Festival of Learning in Vietnam as a social media specialist and made a difference in the University as a Student Rep and Ambassador. As a result Jade has secured a placement with the Walt Disney Company and was recognised with a Global Talent Outstanding Contribution award.

Reflecting on the GTP experience, Jade says,

GTP stories Jade

I truly can't speak more highly of the programme that has brought so many amazing opportunities to me. My values and hopes have changed.  My core values are compassion, determination, respect and making a societal contribution. In order to make a difference in the world, you need to start by believing in something bigger than yourself and my heart goal studying Public Relations is to work on a campaign in the future that raises public awareness on autism.”


Leah’s Story

Leah was raised in Mangalore, a lively coastal city in India and earned an Engineering degree from Manipal University India before coming to Bournemouth University to pursue a Masters in Computer Animation and Visual Effects. She enrolled on the Global Talent Programme and took part in problem solving competitions inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and developed a mobile application project solution as part of a team for the Global Talent Project Lab.

GTP stories LeahGTP stories Leah

My biggest achievement as part of the Global Talent Programme was winning the Project lab along with my wonderful team. It was a great opportunity to apply the concepts of project management on a realistic scenario. Getting feedback from a professional panel and viewing other presentations gave me greater understanding on how projects attain their goals based on given constraints. I am very grateful to have been part of the Global Talent Programme. It has been a very rewarding experience and I hope even more students will join our global talent community in the future.”

Leah was recognised with a Global Talent Outstanding Contribution award.


Samantha’s Story

Sam joined the Global Talent Programme as part of her first year BA Events Management studies and has consistently exceeded the formal GTP requirements and developed strong interest in other cultures and global citizenship, being actively involved in cultural activities by starting to learn Mandarin Chinese with Languages@BU and becoming one of the Global Talent Influencers, a Global Buddy and Global Cultural events participant.

GTP stories Samantha

The Global Talent Programme has encouraged me to fully immerse myself within university life and given me the chance to participate in activities and events that I would otherwise have not had the opportunity to do, for example taking part in workshops with real life employers. It has provided me with the confidence that I now have acquired the global skills that many businesses are looking for. As a first year, the Global Talent Programme has also provided me with an additional aspect to add to my CV that will hopefully stand out when applying for my placement year in future."

Sam was recognised with a Global Talent Outstanding Contribution award.

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