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How to share your feedback

Here's a step by step guide to the different ways you can share your feedback at BU.

Talk to someone

Your tutor, lecturers and Programme Support Officers are there to help you with any academic queries, so knock on their door or drop them an email.

Talk to SUBU or your Student Rep

The Students' Union Bournemouth University (SUBU) Student Reps system ensures there's one Student Rep for every 20 students. They're supported by four Full Time Officers and eleven Part Time Officers who are elected each year, by students, to represent your views. The Reps use an online feedback system called SimOn which helps to gather your feedback and then ensure that this gets to the right department of BU so that we can respond. There are also regular Student Members Meetings which you can attend to debate issues raised by students, as well as submit your own ideas for discussion.

Contact AskBU

If you have general feedback about BU services, you can email - we'll always respond and let you know what action we're able to take. We also have some great support staff in our AskBU team who can help you with general advice, financial guidance and letting you know who else might be able to help you.

Complete our surveys

Getting feedback through surveys is invaluable as it allows us to get responses from a large group of you, relatively quickly and easily. However, we know we're not the only people in your life asking for your feedback! Which is why, during your time here you be asked to complete a small number of important surveys which will influence BU decisions to inform the future of the experiences of all BU students. Find out more about BU surveys so you know what you'll be asked about and when. 

More information

If you want to conduct, or take part in, peer-to-peer surveys for dissertation projects or research studies read our guidance information on how to get involved.

Your feedback

Your feedback

We value what you have to say - find out the different ways you can share your feedback.

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Student survey guidelines

To survey - or be surveyed - for a student research project you need to use our official student surveys email group.
BU surveys

BU surveys

Find out more about the surveys we will ask you to complete at key points during your studies.