Client & Audience is part of the second year BA (Hons) Media Production course. Students work intensively to a brief, given to them by an external organisation, in small agency-type groups, usually to address a specific communication challenge.

Clients will usually be organisations based in the local area (or region) and these projects reflect an important aspect of the university’s civic role. Work is produced within a limited timeframe (about seven weeks) and projects end with students formally presenting their solution to their client. As well as learning to produce creative content to a live brief, projects involve students adopting project management protocols and learning how to manage the client relationship.

Student Selin highlights the six things she learnt managing a project for an external client:

  • Organisation – using specific organisational tools has taught me how to shape a project to a professional standard
  • Communication – by engaging with the client and learning how to build a sense of trust and commitment I’ve learnt that clear and considerate communication can make a huge difference to the success of a project
  • Problem-solving – as unexpected obstacles have arisen I’ve learnt how to problem solve and how to get a project back on track whilst maintaining a professional appearance
  • Negotiation – I’ve learnt how to negotiate, establish and maintain boundaries with the client
  • Leadership – as project manager, organising group work, motivating peers and tracking the project’s progress has developed my leadership skills
  • Teamwork – working as part of a team and utilising each individual’s skill-set to the project’s best advantage has been one of the most valuable skills I’ve learnt.
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Jess Miller

BA (Hons) Media Production student

“This unit was insightful and gave me practical, real-world experience.”

Quotes from the clients