This unit is aimed at healthcare professionals working in non-critical care settings and aims to develop skills in the early identification and management of the acutely unwell patient.

The unit will focus on the application of the ABCDE structured assessment approach and will be supported by revision of applied anatomy and physiology. Participants will be encouraged to develop strategies for management of the acutely ill patient, including early intervention and appropriate escalation. NEWS2 and SBAR will form a key part of the unit delivery and assessment.

This course is for general/acute practitioners and other healthcare professionals working in any aspect of patient care. This course is not suitable for mental health nurses unless your role also involves looking after the general wellbeing and assessment of patients.

This course requires 100% attendance.

This course has multiple levels. To find out more and apply, click on the green ‘Apply Now’ button to go our CPD application portal, and search for this course.