All professionals are required to continuously engage in professional development with a feature of this being not only being able to identify and meet learning needs, but to apply the learning to practice.  

Resilience, Advocacy and Wellbeing are terms that have come into focus during the past years, and their importance has been accelerated through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Professional practice has moved from team-based peer support to working from home for many, juggling competing personal and professional tasks in times of global crisis. This has impacted on individuals in terms of mental and physical health and staffing pressures have arisen for organisations as a result.  

The concept of Self-Care or caring for self has come to the forefront of practitioners across health and social care, alongside with personal and organisational performance.  

This unit is designed to enhance knowledge and skills to support Leadership practice around Resilience, Advocacy and Wellbeing.

  • The unit will refer to the contemporary theory, research, policy, guidance and legislation which supports their practice. 
  • Students will critically examine professional, organisational, social and cultural contexts of practice.
  • They will critically reflect on the management of staff who are exposed to stress, trauma and vicarious trauma. 
  • Students will receive structured opportunities for critical reflection within a well-resourced and research-informed learning community.  
  • Teaching for this unit will take place online, physically or in a hybrid mode, depending on the requirements of the purchasing employer.

This course requires 100% attendance.

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