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Global Hubs of Practice

The Global Hubs of Practice build on the Global Festivals of Learning by serving as a long-term vehicle of teaching, research, professional practice, student and academic collaborations, and special projects within local communities in different counties.

Our Global Hubs of Practice have been built around creating a virtual regional, national and global network of partners and collaborators that are connected into business, government, community and academia. This networked community then has combined access to our education, research and practice.

Our China Innovation Hub has delivered two student exchange programmes, three global Festivals of Learning, facilitated 20 publications, and was involved in securing the Chinese Football Coaching Project, worth over £1m.

Connect India, has delivered a range of projects including Project India, and Aftershock Nepal, a BU-led journalistic intervention into the humanitarian crisis in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake, which saw 38 students and 7 staff members across three nations experiencing and first-hand the issues and challenges of crisis reporting. Connect India has also produced several publications, two student exchange programmes and was the host for our Global Festival of Learning in April 2017 and in February 2018. Discover more about the Global Festivals of Learning.