Where will your course take you?

Theo: Bahamas and Ecuador

Theo Clitherow

Theo has travelled the world during his Applied Geography degree, making the most of the global opportunities BU offers.

Michelle with a little girl

Michelle Lillywhite

Michelle Lillywhite has recently completed the BA (Hons) Social Work course, which she came to as a mature student. One of the most memorable parts of her degree was going to Colombia for a month to work with an organisation that supports children in vulnerable communities.

Zoey Law: Australia

Zoey Law

Zoey travelled to Australia on her placement year, which opened her eyes to the opportunities for working overseas.

Aisha at a radio station

Aisha Sambo

Aisha spent her placement year working at a marketing agency in Nigeria, which encouraged her to move out of her comfort zone.

Sam: USA and Canada

Sam Harrison

Sam's placement was at the company behind the remote imaging cameras on the International Space Station.

Laurie Bryne

Laurie Bryne

Laurie travelled to India for his placement to work at a fully sustainable eco-resort.