Chelsea is studying BA (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing, and spent the second semester of year two in Newfoundland, Canada.

“I was fortunate enough to be selected for the international exchange programme at Memorial University in Newfoundland. The reason why I choose to apply for the study abroad programme was firstly because I did not move away for university.

“I wanted to stay in an English speaking country so this is why I chose Canada as I knew there would not be a massive issue with language barriers. Also I was fully aware of how beautiful Canada would be, and I was right!”

She gained a lot from her time overseas, particularly on a personal level.

“I thought it would be an opportunity to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new challenges but also to solve problems through encountering situations which I would not be familiar with and as a result adapt in response to these challenges.

“University life is quite similar to Bournemouth University life and the quality of teaching is pretty similar too. MUN itself is huge, I was at the main campus St John’s and it was huge! There are many different buildings and facilities over the campus. This was hard to get used to and I did get lost a few times!”

However, she made the most of everything on offer to her as an MUN student.

“Another good thing with being a student at MUN is that you get a free gym membership which includes access to the gym, Olympic-sized swimming pool and running track as well as gym classes.”

She would strongly recommend spending time overseas while studying for a degree.

"Going to Canada was one of the best things that I have ever decided to do, not only for the great experience, but also because it has helped me to grow and develop as an individual. My confidence has increased dramatically as I put myself completely outside my comfort zone and had to fend for myself for the first time, as well as learn how to adapt in a completely different country and basically start a new life for the four months I was there.

“I was continually enhancing my academic and professional perspectives and improving networking skills. This experience has made me want to travel even more once I complete university and has shown me through two of the great courses that I completed that I do really want to go into marketing.

“I am currently seeking a placement for third year and this really has helped me in applications and interviews with something good to talk about as not many other students have completed this.”