Tazio found his time on a student exchange in Germany was invaluable for a number of reasons.

“I had a great time on my student exchange in Heidelberg, Germany, at the SRH Hochschule. From a first culture shock to an unforgettable goodbye, this was an additional international - and fantastic - experience for me.

“The choice of going to Heidelberg was appropriate from the first moment I chose to go there. In those five months I attended an international business course and it gave me a different perspective on European business.”

As well as gaining knowledge that helped his studies, he also learned the basics of German.

“Although my stay was short (February - June), I learned the basics of German language, finding myself comfortable in the German environment. I learned a lot about German culture: their habits, pleasures, dislikes, virtues and deficiencies, history, economy and political system. Although the majority of the students on my course were German, there was also a high presence of international students from Europe and overseas.

“The combined mixture of international students created a fun environment that enabled us to establish strong friendships. It was marvellous studying together and then meeting for parties and social activities.”

His exchange was part of the Erasmus programme, something that Tazio can’t praise enough.

“It was fantastic being part of the Erasmus programme. It gives students the chance to open their minds, survive in another country and learn different characteristics of life and of a European country that is different from their own. I will always remember this amazing experience and keep it in my heart, since I got to know many different and nice people in a beautiful town.

“I recommend this choice to other students: participate in the programme actively and make the most of it; even though you might feel uncomfortable at the beginning of your stay, this will soon develop to an insane sense of wellbeing which will give you a first insight into what life can be. Learning to coexist, adapt and accept a new environment with different people is really interesting. This experience can only be beneficial, one that revolutionises your life, your rhythms and your ambitions."