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Welcoming students from the United States of America

Find your home from home

The United States of America

We have a large community of international students at BU – currently 1,600 students from around 140 different countries. We are always happy to welcome new American students onto our undergraduate, postgraduate, research and top-up courses.

We will help you with your application to study at BU, or you can speak to one of our representatives in the USA who can offer assistance with your application. If you'd like more general advice about the UK education system, visas, scholarships or the variety of courses on offer, you should contact the British Council in the USA.

Upcoming Live Chats and Q&A's

You can join regular live chats and Q&A's with previous and current students from the USA. If you would like to connect with them, please contact the Regional Manager for the USA to receive a full schedule of upcoming events: Luciana Figueiredo -

Chat to a BU student from the USA

Stories from America

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My BU story - by Angelique Holmes, MSc Tourism Management 2015/16

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