Why did I choose BU?

It was the warmth and beckoning nature of BU staff and representatives that swayed my decision in choosing BU as my university of postgraduate study. They were the first university to get back to me with a decision, and as an international student, I felt as if I was a priority of Bournemouth University. I wanted to choose a school that I wanted and that wanted me, and I knew that Bournemouth was a perfect fit.

What about Bournemouth?

The town of Bournemouth is, in itself, an entirely different treasure. It’s big enough that you are never left without anything to do, yet small enough that you can simply walk everywhere you want. With the sound of seagulls cawing into the early morning through the crack of my window, and the smell of the coast intertwined with the crisp wind, Bournemouth is the “college town” that I always dreamed about during my undergraduate years.

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