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Immigration Health Surcharge

Always read all the relevant official UKVI guidance. Our guidance documents have all been carefully checked but we accept no legal responsibility for their accuracy after the date of publication.

From 6 April 2015, there is an additional fee to be paid, if you are applying for a longer than six-month Tier 4 visa from outside the UK or for an extension of any length of your existing Tier 4 visa from within the UK.

This is called the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) and it has to be paid so that you can have free access to the UK National Health Service (NHS) while you are studying at BU.

IHS is not calculated based on the length of your course but on the total length of Tier 4 visa you are eligible to get. For more information on the additional time you can get on a Tier 4 visa and to be able to calculate your IHS, please read the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.

You can also use the IHS calculator to see how much you will have to pay.

Please note that your visa could be refused, if you:

  • Do not pay the IHS
  • Pay the incorrect fees
  • Request a refund of the IHS fees before a decision is made on your visa application.

If you are a current BU student who needs more time on their Tier 4 (General) visa to be able to complete their course or if you are a PhD student who wishes to apply for a Tier 4 Doctorate Extension Scheme visa, you should seek advice from AskBU about the IHS fees. The above rules apply to all Tier 4 students but the calculator may not give you the correct fees.

For more guidance please contact us or visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.