We have a number of regional managers, each of whom is responsible for different countries around the world.

Please see their email address below:

You can also meet them online during one of our upcoming virtual open days.

Nicole O.Ogodo
Email: [email protected]
Regional Manager for Nigeria

Andy Thompson 
Email: [email protected]
Countries: Nigeria, Norway, Ghana, Kenya, UK

Nuria Moyano-Martin 
Email: [email protected]
Countries: Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Spain

Yeyen Sinarta
Email: ysinarta@bournemouth.ac.uk
Countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan

Luciana Figueiredo 
Email: [email protected]
Countries: North America, Latin America and Europe

Swaksha Krishnakumar
Email: [email protected]
India Country Manager

Nelson Xu
Email: [email protected]
China Country Manager